Why aren’t you using these three social media outlets?

Thanks to Nisha Berman for this first of two articles she’s provided for our Social Media for Marketing and Communications feature week!

“The thing I really care about is the mission making the world open.”

~Mark Zuckerberg (2010)

Who would have thought that the best way to get word out was through social media, it gives a new definition to word of mouth. I was reluctant to even have a personal Facebook page but now the first thing I check in the day are my social network apps!

Currently there are over 200 social networking sites globally, but I will be focusing on my top three to boost your business, why you should be using them, and how.



Obviously this will always be first on the list.

It is in your best interest to create a fan page for your company. Using a personal page may lead to it being taken down at any point as you are promoting a business, going against Facebook’s terms and conditions. This even extends to amateur photographers and freelancers. A group page can be difficult to manoeuvre as it is not organised in a user-friendly fashion. For example, my dance group page regularly posts videos, but members find it difficult to locate an archived video or photo.  A fan page is a better way to launch your business: easy to use and Facebook records all statistics, which can be emailed to you on a monthly or weekly basis.

For those in the Arts, Events, or tradeshows, creating Facebook events is your best bet. Be sure to advertise the event through your fan page at aleast once a week.

It is easier to create sales promotions via Facebook. A company I previously worked for promoted VAT-free day and if they quoted the Facebook number they also received a further 10% off. This status generated 20 shares in the first hour of launching this post.


Twitter Logo

A social networking site with only 140 characters available at your disposable, twitter is an excellent platform for making real connections, gathering and responding to feedback about your business, and growing a strong customer base.  Practically speaking, this is best used to update your followers for tradeshows, whilst travelling, and for quick and easy news on the go. People do not want to be bored with long statuses, keeping it concise and to the point.

Always remember to #hashtag to start a trend, gain followers and create hype. Your hastags should be brief, concise, and catchy enough to encourage retweeting.


LinkedIn Logo

Even though LinkedIn and Facebook are not joining forces as was post on April 1, it is still important for your personal side and business side to have a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn first launched in 2003 and has the reputation of “the world’s largest professional network” The number of people signing up to LinkedIn is 2 per SECOND and the number of Company groups created is 8000 per week.

Geographically speaking, any message you post through LinkedIn will reach up to 200 countries and territories. This is a great way to keep both a professional and personal “finger on the pulse” of what is going on in your professional network. While you might not want to share your vacation photographs with your account managers through Facebook, LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to “like” and “congratulate” your contacts on professional milestones and stories they share.

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